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Apply for a new premises licence

Information and how to apply for a new premises licence

Variations to premises licences and club premises certificates

Apply to vary a premises licence if you want to alter existing activities or operating times

Minor variations

Apply for minor variations to premises licences, if they don't adversely impact on your existing licensing activities

Transfer of a premises licence

Information on how to transfer a premises licence to another person or company

Designated Premises Supervisors consent and variations

How to apply for consent as a designated premises supervisor (DPS) and to vary a DPS

Removal of Designated Premises Supervisors

How to remove a requirement for a DPS at a community premises

Provisional statements

How to apply for a provisional statement for a potential premises licence

Name changes relating to a licence

How to change your name or address as a premises licence holder, as well as how to change the name of a licensed premises

Review of premises licences or club premises certificates

Information on how to apply for a review of a premises licence or club premises certificate