Name changes relating to a licence

Changing your name or address, changing the name of your licenced premises, application process, offences

Changing your name or address

As a premises licence holder or a designated premises supervisor under a licence, you will need to notify us if you change your name or address as soon as possible. 

Notify us of a change to your name or address

With this application, you will also need to: 

  • pay the appropriate fee 
  • submit the appropriate part of your premises licence with your application

If you are the designated premises supervisor and not the licence holder, you must also give the licence holder a copy of your notification as soon as possible.

Changing the name of your licenced premises

If you are changing the name of a licensed premises, you will also need to notify us.

Notify us of a change of premises name

Application process

Once we have received either of these notifications and the relevant part of the premises licence (or an explanation as to why you aren't able to provide these), we will update our records and the public register. We will also return the relevant part of the premises licence to you for future reference and display.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within five working days and hope to process your application within 10 working days. In the unlikely event you have not heard from us at the end of this time, your application is deemed complete.


If you fail to notify us of your name or address change, without reasonable excuse, you could be found guilty of an offence, which is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale.