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If you intend to supply alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment at your business, you will need a premises licence.

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Applicants are encouraged to contact responsible authorities and others, such as local residents, who may be affected by the application before formulating their applications. This is so the mediation process may begin before the statutory time limits come into effect after submission of an application. 

To apply for a premises licence, you must be aged 18 or over, with a view to operate a business at a premises (including open air) for any licensable activity. This can either be on a permanent basis or a time-limited period.

You will also need to:

If your application is for a substantial event or your event involves specific risk factors (waterside location, fire works, processions etc.) then you should notify North Devon’s Safety Advisory Group in order to gain safety advice in relation to your proposal. If in doubt we suggest that you read the guidance notes on the Safety Advisory Group’s website.


There are mandatory conditions (pdf  113KB) that are imposed on premises licences or club premises certificates. The Home Office has produced guidance for alcohol suppliers to help the trade to implement these conditions. 

Home Delivery of Alcohol

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards are offering the “No Proof of Age No Sale” (NPOANS) toolkit free to all businesses in Devon that sell age restricted products including the home delivery of alcohol. This is an interactive online toolkit run by Trading Standards South West which can be tailored to meet individual businesses needs to assist in preventing underage sales.

To subscribe please go to:

or telephone: 01726 218768

Other information

Data Handling

Persons making representations should be aware that their personal details will normally be disclosed during the hearing process to the licence applicant. They will also appear in any hearing report published on the Council’s website. Where a notice of a hearing is given to an applicant, the Licensing Authority is required by regulations to provide the applicant with copies of representations, however in exceptional circumstances, where there are fears of intimidation or harassment and the Authority considers that a person has a genuine and well-founded fear of intimidation and may be deterred from making a representation, the Authority may consider alternative approaches. Further information can be found in North Council’s Licensing Act 2003 Policy.