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North Devon Council supports positive management for people with dogs in our towns, coast and countryside and wishes to promote responsible dog ownership.

Dogs are wonderful for people’s physical health and emotional well-being and if that goes hand in hand with responsible dog ownership there are brilliant benefits not just for people but also for the value, care and future protection given to our countryside, green spaces and the wildlife that live there. 

We're lucky to have plenty of beautiful open spaces to enjoy with our four-legged friends here in North Devon. While the majority of dog owners are responsible, there is unfortunately an irresponsible minority who do not pick up after their dog, or allow their dogs to run out of control. Details of enforceable dog controls that currently exist are available on our 'Dog controls' webpage.

Please pick up after your dog

It's understandable to think it's OK to leave it when out in nature. But, because of the food dogs eat and medicines they take (ie. to treat worms), it becomes harmful to people, animals and the environment.

Make sure you use a registered microchipping provider


We are aware that some local dog owners are registering their dogs with unauthorised microchipping providers. You can be fined £500 if your microchip is registered on a database that isn't on the government approved list. Find out more on GOV.UK

Useful information for dog owners

Information for dog owners including tips and advice

Dog friendly North Devon

Information on where and when you can walk your dog on beaches in North Devon

Microchipping, stray and lost dogs

Information on what to do if you lose or find a dog

Dog controls

Information about dog controls, aggressive dogs and controlled breeds 

Dog fouling and dog bins

How to report cases of dog fouling and where dog bins are located

Other dog related issues

Information about noisy dogs, the removal of dead dogs and where to report dog cruelty