Other dog related issues

Information about noisy dogs, the removal of dead dogs and where to report dog cruelty

Confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in North Devon 

There have been a number of confirmed cases of Alabama Rot in Chumleigh, South Molton and Bishop's Tawton. Alabama Rot is a dog disease of unknown origin that can affect dogs of all breed, age and size.

Alabama Rot can be fatal, so it's important you know how to protect your dog.

Noisy dogs

If you want to complain about nuisance barking, we would advise you to approach your neighbour first, so that complaints, especially domestic ones, can be settled between you without the council becoming involved.

However, if you feel by doing this you could be putting yourself at risk, please report the noise nuisance to us.

Report a noise nuisance to us

Further information can be found on our noise nuisance page.

Dead dogs

We will arrange for the collection of dead dogs and cats that are reported to be on a public highway or pavement. However, this does not apply to animals on private land, for example, a public footpath running across private land.

Request the removal of a dead animal

Dog cruelty

Other than through the licensing process, NDC has no involvement with animal welfare. Allegations of abuse and cruelty should be referred to the RSPCA and the police. Farm animals are the responsibility of Devon and Somerset Trading Standards, whilst DEFRA may also have involvement.