Street trading licences

Information for street traders in North Devon

The council does not issue licences for street trading.

However, we have designated streets in Barnstaple where street trading is banned (prohibited). These are: 

  • Bear Street 
  • Boutport Street 
  • Bull Court
  • Butchers Row 
  • Castle Street 
  • Church Lane
  • Cross Street 
  • Gammon Walk 
  • Green Lane 
  • High Street 
  • Holland Street 
  • Joy Street 
  • Maiden Street 
  • Market Street 
  • Mermaid Cross 
  • North Walk 
  • Paige’s Road 
  • Queen Street 
  • Theatre Lane 
  • The Strand 
  • Tuly Street
  • Silver Street
  • Albert Lane leading from Moxam Court to Belle Meadow Court
  • Summerland Street
  • Trinity Street
  • Wells Street

Street trading in a prohibited street can lead to a conviction, with a fine up to £1,000. 


The following street trading activities are exempt from the above prohibited streets:

  • Trading by a person acting as a pedlar under the authority of a pedlar's certificate granted under the Pedlars Act 1871 
  • Anything done in a market or fair - the right to hold which was acquired by virtue of a grant (including presumed grant) or acquired or established by an enactment or order
  • Trading in a trunk road picnic area provided by the Secretary of State under section 112 of the Highways Act 1980
  • Trading as a news vendor (providing certain operating conditions are met)
  • Trading which is carried on at premises used as a petrol filling station; or is carried on at premises used as a shop or in a street adjoining premises so used and as part of the business or shop
  • Selling things, or offering or exposing them for sale, as a roundsman
  • The use for trading under Part VIIA of the Highways Act 1980 of an object or structure placed on, or in or over a highway
  • The operation of facilities for recreation or refreshment under Part VIIA of the Highways Act 1980
  • The doing of anything authorised by regulations made under section 5 of the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916

Barnstaple Town Centre Management co-ordinates the town centre's activities, including the scheduling of any exempt traders. For further information please email or, or phone 01271 321049.

Trading outside of a prohibited street

If trading outside of a prohibited street, please be sure to gain the land-owners/controllers permission to do so. If, without lawful authority, a trader pitches a booth, stall or stand on a highway, enforcement action may be taken.

On gaining permission to site your unit, please ensure your operation complies to any legal requirements relating to the type of street trading activity proposed. For example, if operating a food business, please be sure you are appropriately food registered and appropriately licensed to undertake late night refreshment or sell alcohol. You should also observe relevant health and safety requirements and ensure your activity does not create a nuisance.