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Waste left at a property by previous tenant/owner?

Any waste left at a property by the previous tenant/owner is the responsibility of the new occupiers to dispose of correctly not the council.

Owners - before the customer exchanged on the property, their solicitor should have received a Property Information Form in which the seller should have confirmed that all rubbish would be removed. If the new owner does not want to dispose of the items, they could ask their solicitor to contact the seller’s solicitor with a request that the seller removes the waste left behind. If the seller doesn’t comply, the customer can arrange for the disposal of the waste at the cost of the seller.

Tenants - the landlord or letting agents should ensure that the bins are clear for the new tenants.

What goes where reminder

We have seen an increased number of properties mixing materials in their green, black and blue boxes. Please remember to separate your recycling - if you're unsure on what goes where, please visit our webpage.

Bin collection reminder 

Due to staff shortages we would like to make residents aware that our crews are collecting rounds in different orders. Please display your black, green and recycling bins by 7am on the day of your expected collection. 

Covid service disruption

Due to Covid-related staff absences, you may experience some service disruption in some areas. If your bins or recycling are missed, leave it out for 48 hours. If we don't return, take it back in and put it out again on your next scheduled collection.

Coronavirus symptoms and black waste collections

Double bag waste if anybody in your household has coronavirus symptoms, and leave it for 72 hours before presenting as part of your usual black collection.

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