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We are focused on delivering the best for our customers and have an aim to establish a reputation as an organisation that delivers excellent service and is truly customer focused.

Sometimes things go wrong and if this happens, we need you to tell us so we can try and put it right. We will do this by following our complaints procedure.

We encourage your suggestions and comments as these can help us improve our services and drive positive changes.

We also want to know when our staff have exceeded your expectations. Your compliments will be passed on to ensure our staff member or team are recognised.

To provide feedback or make a complaint, please fill in the online form below.

Give us your feedback

Alternatively, you can provide feedback to us through the following ways:

We can provide advice and information in alternative languages or formats.

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your feedback within three working days.

What falls outside of our complaint procedure?

We are unable to take anonymous feedback and we have a separate process for appeals against certain council decisions, for example parking fines, planning or benefit decisions or complaints against a councillor.

Read our annual report from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.