What is self-build housing?

Information on what self-build housing is


Where you organise and design the construction of your own home. You then need to choose how. Listed below are some of the options available to you:

  • self-build one-off home: you manage the design and construction process and are physically involved in part or all of the construction of your home
  • contractor built one-off home: you manage the design process and appoint a contractor to build the home to your specification
  • kit home: you select your preferred kit home and possibly establish the foundations. The kit home company then erects the home
  • independent community collaboration: you work with others to acquire a site to split into plots then organize the design and construction of your own home
  • supported community self-build group: a social landlord helps you build a group of homes together

Custom build

Where you work with a specialist developer to deliver your own home. There are also different options available with this method as follows:

  • developer built one-off home: a developer builds a single home that the self-builder completes
  • developer led group project: a developer will organise a group and builds the homes that the self-builder completes