Certificates of lawfulness

Information about how to access full details about these applications

The amount of information we are required to publish for certificates of lawfulness applications is not the same as a planning application.

Certificates of lawfulness are considered and determined upon the evidence that is supplied. They do not take into account planning policies or letters of objection or support that we receive.

On our planning tracker you will be able to find the following information for these applications:

• name and address of the applicant(s)
• date of application
• address or location of the land to which the application relates
• description of the use, operations or other matter included in the application
• any decisions we have made in respect of the application and its date 
• reference number, date and effect of any decision of the Secretary of State on an appeal of the application

Additional information including statutory declarations, internal correspondence and notes is information that we will keep in our file but we are not required to publish.

If you would like to request additional information contained within the files of certificate of lawfulness applications, these are dealt with by our Legal Team on a case by case basis in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004.

Request additional information

You can also email legalservices@northdevon.gov.uk with the application reference number.