Electric vehicle charging

Information about electric vehicle charging in our car parks

Why electric?

Electric vehicle sales are increasing as the price of fuel rises. All transportation comes with an environmental cost, but electric vehicles are less harmful than others because they do not pump out harmful emissions into the air we breathe while being driven. 

Clean air is one of the most basic requirements of a healthy environment for us all to live, work and raise families. Switching to an electric car or van means playing your part in cleaning up the air we breathe. 

We are currently working in partnership with Devon County Council to install Electric vehicle charging points in Hardaway Head car park (Barnstaple), Wilder Road car park (Ilfracombe) and Central car park (South Molton).   

Look for electric vehicle charging points around North Devon and the rest of the country. 

Guidance for electric vehicle charging

  1. Electric Vehicles may park in designated parking bays to recharge the vehicle.
  2. Rapid chargers are available at Belle Meadow car park (Barnstaple), Hillsborough car park (Ilfracombe), Sheep Pen car park (South Molton) and Upper Lyndale car park (Lynmouth).
  3. Fast chargers are available at Cattle Market (Barnstaple), Wilder Road (Ilfracombe) and Central car park (South Molton).
  4. The customer must purchase parking time in addition to paying for the electric charging. Parking can be purchased via Ringo app or at the pay & display machine.
  5. The vehicle must be attached to the charging unit and be charging.
  6. Any breakdown or fault with the charging units should be reported to the appropriate service provider. NDC do not have ownership or any access to the units. Contact details are provided on signage within the car parks.

If the vehicle is not compliant with any of the above, it is parked in contravention and can be issued a penalty charge notice (PCN).

Please be aware parking time must be purchased when using an electric charger in a North Devon Council car park. Failure to do so may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Electric vehicle charging points



South Molton

Lynton and Lynmouth