Review of Gambling Act Statement of Licensing Principles in North Devon: Have your say


North Devon Council is undertaking a review of its Gambling Act Statement of Licensing Principles and alongside, seeking opinions on a proposed intention to implement a No Casino Resolution. As part of this, the council is looking for input from local organisations, businesses, traders, and individuals. The review is part of a statutory requirement for the council to revisit its gambling policies every three years, ensuring they remain aligned with evolving community needs and legislative standards.

The public consultation, which begins today (Tuesday, 7 May), presents an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute their perspectives on the council's approach to gambling licensing. It is the first time that the council has provided notice of a proposal to bring in a No Casino Resolution, for which a wide range of opinions (including moral objections) may be considered. Alongside, the Statement of Principles, a foundational document guiding the council's decisions regarding licenses and enforcement of gambling legislation, has a number of revisions which are proposed. While the council welcomes feedback on minor amendments proposed in the current statement, it's essential to note that matters falling outside of the gambling licensing objectives (e.g. those concerning moral objections) are unable to be considered in respect of that policy.

Licensing and Community Safety Committee Chair, Councillor Louisa York, says: "The views and opinions of our residents and businesses are invaluable as we shape our approach to gambling licensing. This consultation period offers an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and ensures that our policies reflect the needs and values of our community."

To participate in the consultation in respect of the No Casino Resolution proposed and the review of the Gambling Statement of Licensing Principles, interested individuals and organisations are encouraged to visit the council's website. 

To obtain a physical copy, residents are encouraged to visit Lynton House in Barnstaple, The Amory Centre in South Molton or The Ilfracombe Centre. Opening hours are available online.

The consultation period will remain open for eight weeks, concluding on Tuesday 2 July 2024.