North Devon Council commits to reducing carbon emissions

Electric charging car

Following a Strategy and Resources Committee meeting which took place today (Monday, 13 May 2024), North Devon Council has announced its proactive steps towards reducing carbon emissions. In alignment with its commitment to combat climate change, the council has resolved to replace selected vehicles with electric alternatives, as part of its journey towards a greener future.

During the meeting, the committee agreed to replace one Ford Transit 3.5t Tipper and one Mercedes Transit 3.5t Panel Van with electric vehicle alternatives.

Furthermore, the council will embark on additional efforts to assess the feasibility and costs associated with installing more electric vehicle charging points in council-owned facilities.

Lead Member for Climate and Biodiversity, Councillor Ricky Knight, says: "The decision to invest in electric vehicles underscores our commitment to tackling the climate emergency head-on. By embracing sustainable transportation solutions, we are not only reducing our carbon emissions but also setting a positive example for our community. This initiative aligns with our goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, demonstrating our dedication to creating a cleaner, greener future for North Devon."

The replacement of more council vehicles is under active consideration, reflecting the council's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.