Bus Station, Belle Meadow Lane, Barnstaple


Bus Station
United Kingdom

Please note, the bus station toilet has been closed due to public safety concerns.

Why are the toilets closed?

A risk assessment undertaken in 2022 found the layout of the building and the access to the WCs within, makes it a prime target for misuse and a likely hub for anti-social behaviour, if it is opened with no staff presence. Prior to the closure of the toilets during the Covid pandemic there were incidents of anti-social behaviour, criminal activity and inappropriate behaviour.

The local Police Crime Prevention Officer and the Designing out Crime officer from the Police support the findings of the risk assessment and recommend the facilities remain closed at present.

A decision was therefore made that the toilets will remain closed in the interests of public safety. We are still working with other parties to try and find a solution where the toilets can be safely reopened.

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