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4.1  The Grant shall be used by the Recipient for the Project and in accordance with any agreed budget set out in the Grant Confirmation Letter.

4.2  The Recipient shall not use the Grant to:

(a) make any payment to members of its Governing Body

(b) purchase buildings or land; or

(c) pay for any expenditure commitments of the Recipient entered into before the Commencement Date except in respect of the Project

unless this has been approved in writing by the Council.

4.3  The Recipient shall not spend any part of the Grant on the Project after the Grant Period to which that Grant relates expires.

4.4  Should any part of the Grant remain unspent at the end of each Grant Period, the Recipient shall ensure that any unspent monies are returned to the Council or, if agreed in writing by the Council, shall be entitled to retain the unspent monies to use for charitable purposes as agreed between the parties.