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3.1  The Recipient agrees and accepts that the payment set out at clause 3.1 is subject to the necessary funds being available when payment falls due.  The Recipient agrees and accepts that payments of the Grant can only be made to the extent that the Council has available funds.

3.2  No Grant shall be paid unless and until the Council is satisfied that such payment will be used for proper expenditure in respect of the Project.

3.3  The amount of the Grant shall not be increased in the event of any overspend by the Recipient in respect of the Project.

3.4  The Recipient shall promptly repay to the Council any money incorrectly paid to it either as a result of an administrative error or otherwise.  This includes (without limitation) situations where either an incorrect sum of money has been paid or where Grant monies have been paid in error before all conditions attaching to the Grant have been complied with by the Recipient.