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5.1  The Grant shall be shown in the Recipient's accounts as a fund allocated to the Project and shall not be included under general funds.

5.2  The Recipient shall keep accurate and up-to-date accounts and records of the receipt and expenditure of the Grant monies received by it.

5.3  The Recipient shall keep all invoices, receipts, and accounts and any other relevant documents relating to the expenditure of the Grant for a period of at least six years following receipt of any Grant monies to which they relate.  The Council shall have the right to review, at the Council's reasonable request, the Recipient's accounts and records that relate to the expenditure of the Grant and shall have the right to take copies of such accounts and records.

5.4  The Recipient shall comply and facilitate the Council's compliance with all statutory requirements as regards accounts, audit or examination of accounts, annual reports and annual returns applicable to itself and the Council.