Processing your application

A Grants Officer will acknowledge receipt of the application and confirm whether the organisation/project is eligible for funding, and whether the application is complete.   If any clarification or additional information is needed, opportunity will be given to provide it.

The Grants Officer will summarise the information given in the application against the key questions asked and seek funding approval from the relevant Councillors.

If an application does not meet the criteria it may be refused at this stage by a Grant Officer. It would not then be presented to the Councillors for their consideration.

Applicants will be notified by email within a month of receipt of the application.

The relevant Councillors will then be given two weeks to confirm to the Grants Officer whether they wish to contribute, and how much, if applicable.  Once the two week period has passed, and the ‘offer window’ has closed, no late contributions may be made by the Councillors.

Applications will then be submitted by the Grants Officer to the Senior Corporate and Community Services Officer for approval.

Regular updates will be given to Councillors in relation to successful applications and outstanding CCG Balances.

If there is a By-Election during the 4 year period of this Policy, following the election of a new Councillor any remaining balance from their predecessor’s CCG allowance, if there is one, will be re-allocated to the newly elected Councillor.