Your responsibilities as a landlord

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  • To provide proof of ownership and all necessary consents and permissions from any third party, including mortgage lender, head landlord and insurance provider before the lease starts
  • To insure the property to the full reinstatement value and public liability to the value of two million pounds. To claim against the insurance if required
  • To allow us to carry out the gas, electric, asbestos and energy performance checks for which the landlord will then be recharged
  • To pay all existing and future taxes assessments and outgoings imposed or charged upon the property
  • To keep the installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation, central heating and heating water in the property in proper working order
  • Take out an appropriate maintenance contract for the hot water and heating
  • Provide the property in the condition agreed and ensure it is well-maintained and safe for the period of the lease (given that we may arrange and in some cases pay for this)
  • To keep the structure and exterior of the property (including roof, drains, gutters and external pipes) in good repair
  • To fit new locks to the front and back doors and provide all keys for any access and exit doors to the property, prior to the start of the lease
  • Continue to pay the service charge for any flat
  • Allow us to manage and the occupants to live in the property without interference