The service we offer you

Find out how we can support you in leasing your property

We would normally offer to:

  • pay rent quarterly in advance at competitive rates
  • pay a guaranteed rent – whether the property is occupied or vacant
  • have responsibility for services - gas, electric, water and council tax when property is empty
  • manage the property on a day-to-day basis so you will have no direct dealings with the tenants
  • find occupants and keep the property occupied, where possible
  • hold spare keys for the property
  • issue keys and recover keys from occupants
  • carry out regular inspections – at least quarterly. Weekly if not tenanted
  • pay a “termination bonus” at the end of the lease as a contribution towards redecorating (normally a months rent) - this is only paid after two years
  • arrange all inspections, servicing and call-outs under your maintenance contract for the central heating/hot water system
  • take responsibility for up to five minor repairs every year
  • repair damage caused by tenants or the council - unless covered by your insurance and excluding fair wear and tear
  • carry out minor repairs and notify you if landlord repairs are required
  • arrange landlord repairs on your behalf (subject to agreement about payment)
  • issue agreements to occupants and do our best to ensure these are met
  • try to resolve any disputes between occupants and neighbours
  • guarantee vacant possession at the end of the lease
  • ensure property is kept in good order when vacant
  • cover up to £100 excess of any claim which results from an act or omission by us or the tenant
  • remove rubbish at the end of the lease
  • keep any garden tidy