Letting and safety standards

Find out what, if anything, needs to be done to your property to bring it up to our letting and safety standards

Letting and safety standards your property needs to meet

The properties we use in our scheme will need to meet minimum standards. The majority of accidents happen at home and most of our properties will be used by families with young children.

Particular attention will be paid to ponds, greenhouses, low-level glass, stair rails and other safety issues that may not concern an adult.

The Decent Homes Standard is a new way of measuring whether homes are in a reasonable condition.

There are four conditions which are needed to meet the standard:

  1. Homes must be free from ‘category one’ hazards as assessed using the new Housing Health and Safety Rating System

    Category one hazards are defects that could harm the health or safety of the occupier. Typical examples are inadequate heating, dampness or electrical hazards

  2. Homes must be in a reasonable state of repair

    This means the main elements of the structure such as the roof, walls, windows, plumbing or heating should not be old and in poor condition

  3. Homes should have reasonably modern facilities and services

    This means bathrooms should be less than 30 years old and appropriately located, and that kitchens should be less than 20 years old and have adequate space and layout

  4. Homes should provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort

    This means homes should have an efficient, programmable system of heating and adequate standards of insulation

We will need to see a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate and an Electrical Certificate to ensure the safety of the property. The checks can be arranged on your behalf.

Any central heating/hot water system will need to have a maintenance contract which we will have authority to implement under the terms of the lease. This means in the event of problems you will not have to be approached.

You will need to have Public Liability Cover. Please tell your insurer that you are joining the scheme.