Apply for affordable housing - Devon Home Choice

How to view and apply for the various forms of affordable housing to rent

The quickest and easiest way to apply for affordable housing is online.

Apply for the housing register

You can also download the application form (pdf 636KB) fill it in by hand and return it to any of our council offices. You may also need to fill in a Health and Wellbeing Assessment form (pdf 750KB) if your health and wellbeing is affected by your current accommodation, or lack of accommodation. If you need help filling in these forms please contact us.

View available housing

Once you have joined the housing register you can log on to Devon Home Choice and view available social housing in North Devon and for the whole of Devon.

You can bid for available properties online that meet your housing need. Please go to the Devon Home Choice website for more information.

You can also view and bid for homes and check the progress of your previous bids using the new Devon Home Choice App. 

Download App for Android

Download App for Apple

Find out more about the App on the Devon Home Choice website.

How your housing need is assessed

Social housing is in short supply and there are lots of people on the housing register waiting for a home. When you join the housing register your housing need is assessed and when you bid for properties, the person with the highest need and meets all the specifications on the advert will be selected. The Devon Home Choice Guide explains this in more detail.

Registered social landlords

There is a list of social landlords on the Devon Home Choice website.

House swapping

If you are already a housing association tenant and want to consider swapping with another tenant you can use the mutual exchange schemes  HomeSwapper and House Exchange.