Other forms of statutory nuisance

Information about other forms of statutory nuisance and how to report it

Although noise nuisance is the most common type of statutory nuisance reported to us, we may also investigate other forms of nuisance.

Other forms of statutory nuisance may include: 

  • light
  • odour
  • animals kept in a manner that are prejudicial to health
  • premises prejudicial to health
  • insects coming from commercial premises
  • fumes and gases
  • dust

This list is not exhaustive. For more information on what may be classed as a statutory nuisance, please read Section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This gives details of the different types of nuisance, subject to evidence and the professional opinion of Environmental Health Officers.

Because of the complexity surrounding statutory noise, if you would like to report a concern, please complete our online form by clicking the button below (You will need to log in or sign up to My Services to report).

Report a nuisance to us

Once we have received your request details, we will be able to discuss your concerns with you in broad terms and explain whether an investigation can be progressed.

Please be aware, if an investigation is launched, you may need to provide detailed records of events, access to your premises, provision of statements and potential attendance at court.