Car sharing

Benefits of car sharing scheme and how to do it

With more cars on the roads, car sharing schemes are becoming more popular. Car sharing can help combat congestion and cut CO2 emissions, as well as saving you money. You can car share on most journeys, from work commutes to one-off events.

About car sharing

Car sharing is when two or more people travel together by car for all or part of a trip. The passengers usually make a contribution towards the driver’s fuel costs.

Car sharing may be formal, using an organised car share scheme, or informal – for example, friends or colleagues travelling to work together.

How to car share

There are a number of easy ways to car share:

  • you could set up an informal arrangement with family, friends or colleagues
  • some organisations or businesses arrange car sharing for their employees – ask if this is available where you work
  • there are organised schemes available to everyone which operate over the internet, including Liftshare

Remember that your personal security should be a key part of any car share arrangement.

Even if you don’t drive, you can still car share. Many car drivers would be willing to share a car to work if there was someone suitable to travel with.

The benefits of car sharing

The benefits of car sharing include:

  • reduced fuel costs and parking fees
  • increased personal security - company when you walk to and from the car park
  • better air quality and lower carbon emissions due to reduced traffic fumes
  • less congestion and shorter journeys due to fewer cars being on the road
  • an increased chance of finding a parking space, because fewer cars means less competition for spaces
  • journeys being more pleasant due to having company

Car sharing tips

Take a look at these tips for car sharing:

  • always confirm the time, date and price of your car share journey before the actual journey takes place
  • exchange contact details with your car share – it makes life much simpler if you can give them a call to check or rearrange any details
  • if you are the car sharing driver, you should check with your insurance company that you are covered to carry passengers
  • don’t smoke in somebody else’s car without asking their permission first
  • check if it’s okay to bring food and drink on the journey and to consume them in the car
  • don’t be late: if you're car sharing it’s important to be on time, as it’s not just yourself but potentially three or four other people that you will be holding back
  • keep an open mind: some people like to chat, some prefer to commute quietly (be prepared to make small talk or alternatively to listen to the radio)

The more people talk about car sharing, the more people will be encouraged to do it. The more people that car share, the fewer cars on the road, meaning less traffic, less congestion, and quicker journey times.