Polling Place and Polling Districts Review 2023

Details of the 2023 compulsory Polling Place and Polling Districts Review.

Polling Place and Polling Districts Review 2023

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A report was prepared, setting out the final proposals for consideration by Full Council at its meeting on 17 January 2024. The recommendation to adopt the polling districts and polling places was passed. The list can be viewed below.

Why is a review needed?

We are responsible for reviewing polling districts and places for the Parliamentary constituency of North Devon.

A review must be conducted between 1 October 2023 and 31 January 2025 under The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.

How is the review conducted?

The responsibility for reviewing polling districts and places rests with the Council for the Parliamentary constituency of North Devon.

We must comply with certain requirements when conducting the review:

  • We must seek to ensure that all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable
  • So far as it is reasonable and practicable every polling place should be accessible to electors who are disabled
  • A polling place must be designated for each polling district, unless the circumstances of a polling district are such that the location does not materially affect the convenience of the electors
  • The polling place should be an area in the district, unless there are special circumstances
  • The (Acting) Returning Officer must comment on the existing and proposed arrangements and allocate electors to polling stations.

What is not covered by this review?

This review will not consider changes to the district boundary, Parliamentary constituency boundary, parish boundaries or ward boundaries.

Terminology used in the review

  • A polling district is the geographical area created by sub-dividing a constituency or ward.
  • A polling place is the building or area in which a polling station is located.
  • A polling station is the actual room or area where voting takes place.

Have your say

Comments are now closed.

We would welcome comments regarding the current arrangements for polling districts and polling places.  We value all feedback on whether the polling places we currently provide are suitable venues, or whether there are any alternatives which should be considered. It would be helpful if you suggest an alternative venue that you provide a reason you think it may be a better option. 

We would particularly encourage any comments about the accessibility of polling station voting to voters with any type of disability, either at specific polling places or in general.

Comments can be made by: 

  • Email: elections@northdevon.gov.uk   
  • Post: Electoral Registration Officer, North Devon Council, Lynton House, Commercial Road, Barnstaple, EX31 1DG
  • Completing our online survey

The deadline for responses is Friday 10 November 2023.

The Council is required to publish any representations made in the course of the review.

More information

Maps showing the current polling district boundaries and locations of polling places for each ward within the North Devon area are available via our mapping page.

Information and guidance on Polling Place Reviews, including how to appeal a review, can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website.

If you have any questions or need an explanation relating to any part of this review, please email elections@northdevon.gov.uk or telephone 01271 388277

Polling District and Polling Places review documents