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A Community Governance Review (CGR) allows us to review the electoral arrangements for all or part of the North Devon district.

The powers we have to carry out a CGR can also include the electoral arrangements at parish level such as:

• parish areas including grouping, altering, creating
• naming of parishes
• electoral arrangements including parish council size and warding

The main things for us to consider when deciding whether to make changes are:

• impacts on community engagement
• cohesiveness of communities
• local democracy
• delivery of local services

Changes approved for 2019

At a Full Council meeting on 25 February our draft proposals were approved to change parish boundaries for some areas in North Devon. Follow this we can now bring them in-line with new ward boundaries identified as part of a CGR we carried out last year.

Boundary changes shown on the maps below will be introduced for those areas from April. People living in the areas will then come within different parishes and will vote for different parish councils from before at the next elections in May. 

The areas affected are:

As well as this, we also carried out a review following local representations indicating that the residents of Gunn, felt more closely related and associated to the Goodleigh parish rather than the Swimbridge parish. We proposed moving that area to the Goodleigh parish. (1,923 KB). This has also been approved and will be introduced at the same time.