Supplementary Planning Documents - SPDs

Information on North Devon and Torridge SPDs

SPDs are material considerations when processing planning applications and development proposals in the district and have to be considered when making a planning decision.

We have adopted the following SPDs:

Affordable Housing SPD

The Affordable Housing SPD sets out how the Councils will consider planning applications which have the potential to support the delivery of affordable housing. It principally provides guidance to support the implementation of Policies ST18: Affordable Housing on Development Sites, ST19: Affordable Housing on Exception Sites and ST19A: Entry-Level Exception Sites of the Local Plan, whilst responding to changes to national planning policy introduced following the adoption of the Local Plan. The SPD was adopted by North Devon Council and Torridge District Council via resolution of the Joint Planning Policy committee on 15th July 2022.

Air quality

We adopted the Air Quality SPD along with Torridge District Council on 5 October 2020. It supersedes the SPD we previously adopted on 1 June 2020, with the new version showing a minor amendment to paragraph 7.5.

Rural workers dwellings


Lee Bay Hotel site

The design guide for the Lee Bay hotel site is not a formal SPD but has been adopted as a material planning consideration.

Lee Bay Hotel Design 2502 KB