Corporate plan

Our corporate plan sets out our plans and ambitions over the next four years

Our corporate plan (PDF 3.77 MB), is one of the council’s most important documents because it sets out how we will play our part in making North Devon a place where people want to live, learn, work and visit.

This corporate plan sets out our medium-term ambitions over the next four years and future potential for our district. As a council we have an ambitious range of priorities and actions that are necessary to deliver them.

The Corporate Plan now includes an overall vision: 

“North Devon will be a sustainable, inclusive community; fostering prosperity and well being for all”

It also contains five priorities:

  • Financial Security – to reduce our reliance on core government funding, increase income and be risk aware not risk averse.
  • Housing – to plan and deliver housing provision to meet local needs and to increase the availability of decent, affordable and accessible accommodation.
  • Climate and Environment – to protect and enhance the natural environment, tackle climate change and protect biodiversity.
  • Pride of Place and Prosperity – to promote economic development, support the regeneration of our Places and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors by making North Devon more attractive, vibrant and successful.
  • People Matter – to be seen as a vibrant, attractive employer by being an ambitious and caring council that develops and looks after its communities and delivers excellent customer focussed services that meet the needs of residents.

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