Car Parks

The information the Car Parks team hold about you

In respect of our Car Parks Team:

The kind of information we hold about you

Where we are dealing with the following: We will collect, store, and use the following categories of personal information:
Personal contact details (eg. name, address, title, telephone number, email address) Bank account details or payment card details Information about your finances Photograph
Payment records from our pay and display machines    ✓    
Payment records from invoices  ✓  ✓    
Payment records from cash collection/counting    ✓    
Provision of annual/quarterly cark park permits  ✓  ✓    
Provision of customer reserved permits  ✓      
Provision of annual temporary permits  ✓  ✓    
Where you make contact with us on our webform  ✓      
Where we correspond with you  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Where we issue a penalty charge notice  ✓    ✓  

This may include:

  • Details about your vehicle including vehicle registration, make, model, colour, location and civil enforcement contravention details
  • Vehicle ownership checks with the DVLA
  • Records of any communication we have had with you including letters, emails and telephone conversations. This includes records of contact with our Customer Services Team regarding parking enquiries
  • Records of any formal parking enforcement notices and appeals

How is your personal information collected?

We collect personal information about you from the following sources:

  • You (via our online forms, by written correspondence or over the telephone)
  • Indirectly from our Customer Services, Feedback, Estates, Exchequer/Finance or Property and Technical teams
  • Via our Simple Pay software from Parkeon Ltd, from which card payment details are shared to when payment is made by card on our pay and display machines
  • From the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) where we need to identify the registered keeper of a vehicle
  • From Cobalt Telephone Technologies (RingGo) which creates customer accounts and takes payments online and over the telephone (IVR) for parking sessions
  • Via our enforcement agents, Ross & Roberts Limited or Rossendales Ltd

How we will use information about you

Where appropriate will use the personal information we collect about you for the purposes of:

  • Corresponding with you
  • Taking payments (eg. on our pay and display machines)
  • Invoicing
  • Collecting and counting cash
  • Providing parking permits; and
  • Issuing penalty charge notices

We need to use the personal information we collect about you because:

  • It is necessary for us to perform our official functions which have a clear basis in law as follows:
    • Our ability to provide and enforce off-street parking places for vehicles in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the Parking Act 1989, the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (Guidelines on the level of Charges) (England) Order 2007

Data sharing

Why might you share my personal information?

  • We will only share your personal data with other officers within the Council where they have a business need to know. This may involve sharing your data with our Customer Services team (who act as the first port of call for information), our finance and exchequer team (for invoicing and processing payments only), our Feedback team (where a complaint is made) wider Environmental Health and Housing department and, where relevant, our Legal Services team
  • We have appointed Parkeon Ltd as the supplier of our pay and display machines and utilise their Simple Pay system to take card payments on these machines
  • We have appointed Cobalt Telephone Technologies Ltd as the supplier of our online payment service for parking sessions (RingGo)
  • The DVLA in order to identify the registered keeper of a vehicle at the time of a Civil Enforcement Offence. This is for the purpose of the enforcement of a Penalty Charge Notice, in accordance with the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General regulations 2007. We may also provide the DVLA with information known to us for their legitimate interests in consideration of prosecution in any other related matter
  • The Traffic Penalty Tribunal for the purpose of responding to appeals regarding the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice
  • We have appointed Ross & Roberts Ltd and Rossendales Ltd as our enforcement agents. Your name, address, registration number and the outstanding amount of your debt will be shared with them where we seek to recoup an outstanding debt from you