Crematorium fees and charges

North Devon Crematorium fees and charges

Fees and charges - 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024

Cremation service fees

30-minute attended service £810
15-minute attended service at 9am (No Organist) £700
Direct Cremation (unattended service) £450

Direct Cremation (unattended service)

(North Devon/Torridge Council resident at time of death)

Service Extension / Memorial Service (30mins inc Organist if available) £230
Funeral Director charge for service over run (where mourners remain in chapel beyond service time) £280
Service cancellation within 72hrs of Service £170
Booked ashes within 24hrs of Service (by arrangement only) £55

Cremation fee includes: Cremation, use of Chapel &  waiting room, services of Chapel Attendant, Organist (if available), music system, single chapel screen photo, Environmental Fees, Medical Referee’s Fee, & Disposal of Cremated Remains in Gardens, or Cardboard Casket (additional £7 for scatter tube).

Direct Cremation fee includes: as cremation fee but no mourners in chapel , no media/organist.

Service time: commences at the booked start time and includes time for mourners to enter and leave the chapel.

Note: All children’s (under 18) cremation fees are free to the applicant and will be paid by the Children’s Funeral Fund for England. For children’s services, live webcasts, 28-day watch again and slideshows are not charged.

Webcast/tribute services

Live Webcast, 28-Day Watch Again, Download Copy of Service £49
Basic Slideshow £45
Music Tribute (formerly Professional Photo Tribute) £70
Family Supplied Video (Checking) £25
Keepsake Copy of Service/Visual Tribute (DVD or USB) £55
Additional Keepsake Copies £28
Downloadable Copy of Visual Tribute £10
Each Extra 25 photos £21
Extra Tribute Work £21

Additional biodegradable containers

Cardboard Casket £17
Scatter Tube £24
Keepsake Tube £11

Burial of cremated remains 

Placement Fee when returned 12 months or more following cremation £53
Placement Fee when cremation took place elsewhere £105
Temporary Deposit per month after the first month £15

Book of remembrance

2 Lines £69
3 to 5 Lines £110
6 to 8 Lines £147
3 to 5 Lines with a Picture and Emblem £221
6 to 8 Lines with a Picture and Emblem £252

Memorials - 10 year initial lease period/renewal option

Please note: plaque purchase may be required, see below.  
Sanctum - an above ground vault (for up to two sets of ashes) £1124
Pear Tree (for up to two sets of ashes) £515
Standard Rose / Climbing Plant (for up to two sets of ashes) £399
Rose Bush / Shrub (for up to two sets of ashes) £378
Memorial Tower £278
Vase Block £263
Granite Mushroom (shared) £252
Children’s Teddy Memorial £150
Exclusive Bench (max 3 plaques) £804
Shared Bench £237
Memorial Branch £132


Acrylic plaques (for garden use / benches) £84
Bronze plaques (for garden use) £158
Granite plaque for Sanctum first 80 letters only (extra at £3.00 each) £189
Granite plaque for Vase Block £150
Granite plaque for Memorial Tower £111
Granite plaque for Children’s Teddy Memorial (varying sizes) prices from £84
Granite disc for Mushroom £116
Bronze finish leaf for Memorial Branch £61

 5 year renewal option

Pear Tree / *Tree (*Tree is renewal only) £263
Standard Rose / Climber £198
Rose Bush / Shrub £181
Vase Block £149
Memorial Tower £138
Granite Mushroom (shared) £130
Children’s Teddy Memorial £84
  Bench (exclusive) £438
  Bench (shared) £121
Memorial Branch £78
Phillips Memorial (renewal only) £110
Bird Box (renewal only) £89
Bird Bath / Sundial (renewal only) £187

Please note:

All ashes are buried loosely in the ground.

Garden memorials provide space for no more than two sets of ashes.

Cut flowers without any wrapping may be left in the Garden of Remembrance.

Please do not leave any artificial flowers, plants and wreaths or items of sentimental value in the grounds and buildings. Memorials other than those provided by the Crematorium are not permitted.

North Devon Crematorium cannot be held responsible for any theft, vandalism or damage however caused and retains the right to remove any unauthorised memorials without giving notice.