How council tax charges are spent

Find out how your council tax helps provide vital services in North Devon


Council tax charges 2024-25 per band by parish

Public services have had to make big savings, while continuing to provide vital local services and support the most vulnerable in our communities.

This year for an average band D property your council tax will be £2,394.39 and it’s divided up like this:

A pie chart representing spending with a pound coin split and demonstrating where money has been spent

The North Devon Council budget for 2024/25 was approved on 21 February with an increase in its council tax share of 2.99 percent, increasing the Band D council tax by £6.11 to £210.39 per year. 

Despite continuing reductions in central government funding over the past few years, the council has managed to balance its budget, with the council's net budget for 2024/25 now £16.4 million, compared to £15.5 million back in 2010. However, the real funding reduction the council has had to manage is much larger, as with inflation the 2010 figure would be worth around £23 million in today’s prices.

Savings over the last few years have come from various initiatives, including:

  • not replacing staff when they leave unless essential
  • reviewing our accommodation
  • reducing funding to some external organisations
  • reviewing general supplies
  • remodelling the way existing services are delivered

Despite making budget reductions, we don't believe any of our services will be adversely affected and there are no compulsory staff redundancies planned.

The council still faces challenging times ahead due to ongoing government funding reductions and we anticipate having to find further savings or look to generate additional income streams over the next few years in line with our Commercialisation Strategy that Full Council approved in November 2020.

Spending plans as a pie chart graph. showing 2024 to 2025 year and the year before


Spending plans 2024/25

Area spent 2023/24 2024/25 
Total gross budget £47,875,000 £49,914,000
Housing 21,409,000 21,133,000
Parking, transport and harbour 2,719,000 2,740,000
Council tax benefits, general admin 2,237,000 2,109,000
Local environment 14,052,000 14,144,000
Councillors and senior management 2,790,000 2,746,000
Culture and leisure 2,549,000 2,629,000
Planning and development 5,651,000 5,200,000
Other income and expenditure (3,532,000) (787,000)