Emergency planning

Information on how you, your business and your neighbourhood can prepare for potential emergencies

The main responsibility for North Devon Council in any emergency or major incident is to provide humanitarian assistance, and along with Devon County Council support the welfare of our communities. Once the initial stage of incident has passed, we will often play a leading role in the recovery.  

North Devon Council is part of the Devon Emergency Planning Partnership (DEPP), which includes the Devon District Councils and Devon County Council. The aim of DEPP is to provide a single and sustainable emergency planning service to Devon communities. To find out more about the Devon Emergency Planning partnership and our role in emergency planning, please see the DEPP website About us - DEPP

What individuals can do

Protect yourself, your family and home even before an emergency takes place. 

The chances of being involved in a major incident or emergency are low, but it does happen. A sudden emergency may mean that your home loses power or you may need to leave your home at short notice. The best way to reduce the impact on your home and family is to have an emergency plan, check out How to be prepared - DEPP and CLEAR Plan (dcisprepared.org.uk) for more advice.  

What parishes can do

All communities are encouraged to organise a level of resilience. The main way a community can do this is for parishes to create an emergency plan. Support in community emergency plan writing is provided by Devon Communities Together on behalf of Devon County Council by. Information about the support of offer and community resilience grant funding can be found at Devon Community Resilience Forum | Devon Communities Together

What businesses can do

Businesses can also be impacted by accidents and emergencies. Potential disruptions can be reduced by taking steps and having a plan in place to mitigate any threats or risks through a process called business continuity, allowing you to recover and get back to “business as usual”. To find out more about business continuity, please see Business continuity - DEPP