Information on the council's 24 hour CCTV operation

North Devon Council has operated a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system since 1997. Cameras are strategically located to help keep everyone safe.

We monitor the network of CCTV cameras, 24 hours a day, 364 days a year to from a secure control centre, which is operated in accordance with applicable law and only for the purposes of reducing crime and disorder, or purposes which are subsequently agreed in accordance with our Code of Practice. We operate the CCTV system with respect to the privacy of individuals and have produced a Data Privacy Impact Assessment.

The images from all NDC cameras are permanently recorded and these recordings are kept for 28 days before being deleted.

CCTV Annual Report 2022 (PDF)

Barnstaple Town Centre CCTV locations

Barnstaple CCTV locations and cameras numbered on a map



  1. Mermaid Walk
  2. Boutport Street
  3. Queen Street Car Park
  4. Queen Street
  5. High Street / Boutport Street
  6. The Strand
  7. Cross Street
  8. Paternoster Row
  9. High Street
  10. Tuly Street
  11. The Square
  12. Pannier Market
  13. Silver Street / Diamond Street
  14. Belle Meadow Court
  15. Belle Meadow Court
  16. Belle Meadow Road
  17. Bear Street
  18. Bear Street / Vicarage Lawn
  19. Barnhenge
  20. High Street
  21. The Square
  22. Rock Park children's play area
  23. Rock Park Skate Park

GL Green Lanes external cameras 
BS Bus Station terminal fixed cameras

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner

In 2013 The Secretary of State under Section 30 of the 2012 Protection of Freedoms issued a Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. We are committed to the principles in the code of practice and have completed the Self-Assessment Tool to help us identify if we are complying with the principles in the code.

CCTV: accessing information about you

Access to CCTV information

Under the Data Protection Law you have the right to see CCTV pictures if you are the subject.

To make a request you need to:

  • complete and return the Subject Access Request Form
  • supply precise details of the day, date, time, place and reason
  • prove your identity (and that of any representative acting on your behalf)
  • supply a letter of authorisation if you use a representative to make the request for you

CCTV Subject Access Request form

Once we have received the completed form and relevant information it will take us a maximum of 40 working days to get back to you with an answer. It is important that we do not compromise anyone else’s privacy, so you will only be able to view CCTV footage that does not contain images of third parties or images that would enable you to identify other people (eg. car registration details)

We are entitled to deny access to information under certain cases under the Data Protection Act, specifically, where the information may be held for:

  • the prevention and detection of crime
  • the apprehension and prosecution of offenders

We will only provide a hard copy of footage if this shows the incident and if it is requested. Where there are no images we will not provide any footage. In any allegations of crime we will only provide footage to the police and, in any request for a road traffic collision, any footage will only be released to the relevant insurance company.

All CCTV footage is only kept for 28 days from the time of the recording in line with the Data Protection Act.

Traffic collision requests

The Data Protection Act prevents us from disclosing any details of any other party involved in a road traffic collision.

There is an expectation that people involved in a road traffic collision will have reported this matter to the police and/or their insurance company. It is the responsibility for either the police or your insurance company to apply for the footage.

Insurance companies must complete our CCTV Collision/incident request form. A charge will be made for the time it takes us to search and collate the information.

Contact CCTV

Call: 01271 321049