What we do and what we offer

Including information on holiday lets and self-catering accommodation

Simply put, we are there to support you, our customer.

  • We work with you to give you an agreement appropriate to what your business needs
  • We work with customers by providing advice on a number of issues including presentation, storage, fly-tipping and side waste
  • A reliable service and value for money service
  • Fair, transparent and competitive pricing
  • Dedicated commercial waste officers whose aim is to deal with your enquiry within one phone call

Holiday lets and self-catering accommodation

Waste deriving from holiday lets and/or self-catering holiday properties is classified as commercial waste and therefore you will need to organise and pay for trade waste services.

Some properties in our district are serviced by smaller vehicles due to the size and nature of the area therefore we are restricted in what we can/can’t offer. Once your application has been received a commercial waste officer will discuss your options with you and offer you the best solution we can.

We also offer discounts to customers that are eligible for small business rates relief. More information on whether your business is suitable for small business rate relief can be found by contacting our business rates team online or by calling 01271 388361.

Trade agreements for holiday let customers are for all year collections only.

Full details on our services and pricing can be found here or you can contact one of our commercial waste officers on 01271 318508.