Things to think about

Here are some things to think about...

Before you apply for a trade waste agreement here are some things to think about:

Your business

  • How do your suppliers deliver your products?
  • What do you do with the packaging?

Top Tip: Cardboard and/or packaging can be given back to your suppliers for them to dispose of the packages

  • Is there someone you would prefer us to contact for day-to-day issues or regarding invoices?
  • Are you eligible for small business rate relief?

Top Tip: we give discounts for customers that are eligible for small business rate relief; it’s worthwhile finding out!

The agreement

  • What sort of waste does your business/property produce? Could you reuse/recycle any of it?
  • How many black bags do you think you will produce per week?
  • How long do you want the agreement for?

Top Tip: if you predominately have visitors in the summer but the occasional visitor in the winter – it may be cheaper to have an all year collection rather than just the summer, so the stress of having to worry about one off collections is taken away!

  • How often do you need collections?

Top Tip: we may be able to offer weekly summer collections and fortnightly winter collections; contact us to find out more!


  • Do you have somewhere to safely store your waste outside of the public domain?
  • How many containers (wheelie bins) do you think you will be able to store in this area?

Top Tip: you can find guidance on the types of containers and their sizes on our webpage

The environment

  • Are you in an area where you have passers-by? Ie. on a dog walking route or on a high street

Advice: Flytipping or Slytipping is an offence! No one should be putting anything in your containers other than you (or your employees). Please report this via customer services 01271 374776. You may want to try putting a combination lock on the container first (we do not mind if you need to drill a hole!) and make sure you provide us with the code so we can pass this onto our crews.

  • Are there any other access issues or restrictions to this property that we made need to know about? ie. bridges with weight restrictions, time restraints to enter the road, is the road leading to the property narrow?

Advice: our trade refuse lorries are 26 tonne HGV lorries, we do have smaller sized vehicles but these do restrict on how much we can take and how often we can empty. If you are unsure, please speak to one of the commercial waste officers