Trade waste glossary

Trade waste terminology

Contract Holder

The Contract Holder is the named person responsible for the entire agreement, the equipment and all associated costs under the agreement. The Contract Holder can be a business or a person however we do ask that we have a name on the agreement.

The trade waste team will only liaise with the Contract Holder in regards to amending the agreement in any way for example collection frequency, amount of bins, changes of customer details and issues or invoicing. If you would like to nominate someone else to take over the day-to-day communication (for example facilities manager or receptionist) but retain yourself as having ultimate control of the agreement, we can also accommodate this.

For blocks of holiday lets/flats or office blocks we do recommend that a management company or one person takes the lead for the entire block; however it must be understood that the Contract Holder will be ultimately responsible for everyone. The Contract Holder will have to make their own private financial arrangements with anyone else detailed within the agreement. All parties must be detailed on the Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note and on our trade waste records. All parties will be able to communicate with us however the Contract Holder will be the only person able to make changes to the agreement.

Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note

This document is required to be signed annually by the Contract Holder. It details the types of waste that falls part of your trade waste agreement and where to collect it from.

This is your proof that you have instructed a licenced waste carrier to collect and dispose of your waste; similarly it is our evidence that we have been instructed by you to collect and dispose of your waste.

It is a legal requirement for you and us to retain a copy of your duty of care waste transfer note for a period of two years.

Acceptable waste

Your Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note will indicate which waste you are allowed to present as part of your agreement.

Collection of general refuse and/or paper and cardboard packaging, glass, plastic and mixed boxes or any waste that is not Excluded Waste

Any recycling containers that you have will have a visual sticker of what receptacle is permitted within that particular container.

All waste must be bagged even inside the containers.

Excluded Waste

List of items not included in any trade waste agreement, please note that this list is updated continuously. If you would like advice for any particular items please contact the trade waste team on 01271 318508.

Builders waste, carpet, steel framed windows, soil, charcoal, liquid waste, non-burnable construction material, demolition debris (especially plasterboard or gyproc board), gas cylinders, beer kegs or any other pressure cylinders, petrol, oils, greases, solvents or paints, animal or human remains or waste, acid or caustic substances, clinical, pathological and biological wastes, asbestos substances, tree trunks, electrical goods according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive including telephones and fluorescent tubes, drugs or poisons, all batteries, motor cycles, motor engines and other major parts of motor vehicles, trailers or similar items. Larger items such as ladders, TV stands, radiator covers, chairs, tables, or similar items must be taken to a recycling centre.

The Equipment

The Equipment is anything we provide to you to store your waste. We provide customers with different sizes and colours of bins and bags for various items.

All trade waste bins are black in body, blue lidded and carry a “Trade Waste Service” sticker with the collection address printed on the front. All recycling containers will have a sticker indicating the correct receptacle on the front for easer of the customer and our crews.

All Equipment provided to the customer is rented equipment, it is still property of North Devon Council and therefore must be properly taken care of and maintained as detailed within clause 3 of the terms and conditions. 

If you require additional or replacement containers, boxes or bags please contact the trade waste team on 01271 318508.

Equipment Weight and Volume

  • 240 Litre Container – maximum weight 250kg
  • 360 Litre Container – maximum weight 250kg
  • 660 Litre Container – maximum weight 250kg
  • 1100 Litre Container – maximum weight 500kg

Collection Point

A location at the Collection Address where the bins will be collected from.

All Equipment must be presented kerbside for us to collect, unless there is no safe and/or accessible kerbside at the property.

Any Collection Point that is different to kerbside must be agreed with the trade waste team.

If you need to change or discuss your Collection Point please contact the trade waste team on 01271 318508.

Collection Address

The Collection Address is the site which the Contract Holder has instructed us to collect the waste from.

The Collection Address and the invoicing address do not have to be the same.