Taxi or hackney carriage fares

Hackney carriage tariff

A new taxi (Hackney carriage) fare is now in place, which sets out the maximum fare that taxis can charge passengers. 

Maximum fares vary depending on what time or day you travel. There are also different maximum fares for how many other passengers you are travelling with. For example, there are two different rates - one for up to four passengers and another for five to eight passengers.

View taxi (Hackney carriage) maximum fares  

All taxis should display the maximum fare information in the vehicle for you to clearly see.

Please note, this doesn't cover private hire vehicles.

For more information about taxi fares, please read our customer information sheet.

The proposed authorised maximum fares currently under consideration state that an extra charge of 10p added to the fare price when the South West Average price of fuel oil exceeds £1.75 per litre based on the latest available AA Fuel Price Report with a further 10p added for each subsequent increase of 10p per litre.

This is the latest AA Fuel Price Report referenced above. Be sure to examine the South West Average rather than the National Average.