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School Transportation

DCC are currently looking for hackney carriage/private hire operators to fulfil DCC contracts for education, health and social care.  If you are interested please contact for an information pack.

Lost property

At the end of a shift, you must carry out a search of your taxi or private hire vehicle for property that may have been left.

If any property has been left in a taxi or private hire vehicle by a passenger, is found by or handed to you, you are expected to complete a found property form on the police website. 

Most found property does not need to be taken to a police station. However, the following items should be taken to Barnstaple police station:

  • mobile phones, laptops, cameras - anything with an internal memory
  • personal ID - such as a passport, driving licence, bank card, utility bills
  • drugs
  • significant amount of money

You should keep other items found for at least 28 days before disposing of them (providing arrangements have not been made for their collection). Please note, the council does not provide a facility for the collection or storage of lost and found items.


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