HMO guidance for tenants

HMO guidance for tenants, including how to report a problem

How do I check if my home is licensed?

You can check if your HMO has a valid Licence, by using the HMO Licensing register on this page of our website.

Further guidance in relation to living in private rented housing can be found on the Government website.

Responsibilities of landlords

Your landlord is responsible for any repairs to communal areas of your home. They are also responsible for repairs to the structure and exterior, water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, fixed heaters, and water heaters etc. Your landlord is also responsible for managing your property, more information on this can be found under the HMO guidance for landlords page of our website.

Responsibilities of tenants

Under The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006, alongside the landlords/managers responsibilities, there are duties that the occupiers must also adhere to.

Every occupier of the HMO must:

  • not hinder or frustrate the manager in the performance of their duties
  • allow the manager, for any purpose connected with the duties imposed on them under this regulation to enter any living accommodation or other place occupied by that person
  • provide the manager with any such information as he may require for the purpose of carrying out their duties
  • take reasonable care to avoid causing damage to anything which the manager is under a duty to supply, maintain or repair
  • store and dispose of waste in accordance with the arrangements made by the manager
  • comply with the reasonable instructions of the manager in respect of any means of escape from fire, the prevention of fire and the use of fire equipment

HMO inspections

We inspect HMOs to make sure they meet the council's amenity standards, as well as the decent home standards using the Housing Health and Safety Risk Rating System (HHSRS). Homes are inspected against 29 hazards and scores are given accordingly. This ensures homes are in a reasonable state of repair, have reasonably modern facilities, provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort and are free from serious hazards etc.

Further information about the Housing Health and Safety Risk Rating System can be found online.

Reporting a problem

We are responsible for enforcing HMO standards, so if you live in an HMO and feel that there are unreasonable hazards your landlord is not dealing with, please report them using the button below.

Report a problem with an HMO property

Alternatively, if you think you live in an HMO which is unlicensed, but requires a licence under the definition above, you can also report this below

Report an unlicensed HMO