Temporary and occasional use notices

Apply for a temporary use notice at a premises where there is no premises licence

Temporary use notice

A temporary use notice (TUN) allows you to use a premises for gambling temporarily, where there is no premises licence. This may include premises such as hotels, conference centres of sports venues.

A TUN can only be used for 'equal chance gaming', where the gaming is intended to produce a single overall winner. It does not involve playing or staking against a bank and gives equally favourable chances to all participants, such as in games like cribbage, bingo and poker.

To be granted a TUN, you will still need a relevant operating licence.

Apply for a temporary use notice (pdf 27KB)

Apply for a temporary use notice - specifically for a vessel (pdf 28KB)

To apply, you will also need to: 

Occasional use notice

Where there is betting on a track for eight days or less in any calendar year, betting may be permitted by an occasional use notice (OUN), without the need for a full premises licence. 

Apply for an occasional use notice (pdf 25KB)

There is no fee for an occasional use notice.

Please read the guidance notes on occasional use notices (pdf 142KB) for further information.