Apply for provisional statement for gambling premises licence

Apply for a provisional statement under the gambling law

You can apply to us for a provisional statement in respect of a premises that you:

  • expect to be constructed
  • expect to be altered
  • expect to acquire a right to occupy

This refers to premises that would require a gambling premises licence, such as casinos, bingo, betting, adult gaming machines and family entertainment centres. 

This may appeal to developers who want to know whether a potential development needs a premises licence, before they enter into a contract to buy or lease property or land.

It is also possible for an application for a provisional statement to be made for premises that already have a premises licence (either for a different type of gambling or the same type).

Apply for a provisional statement (pdf 30KB) 

Apply for a provisional statement for a vessel (pdf 29KB)

You will also need to:

Formatting your notices of application

To help you format your notices, both to the local press and responsible authorities, please go to our giving notice to applications page.