Street collections

How to apply for a permit to carry out street collections for a charity

If you want to collect money (excluding direct debit collections) or sell articles in any street or public place within North Devon, for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, then you must hold a street collection permit.

Before applying for a permit, please contact our licensing team so we can check what dates are free in the parish where you wish to collect. 

Apply for a street collection permit

Or by downloading an Application form (pdf 249KB)

You will need to apply for a permit at least one month prior to when you plan to carry out the street collection, but no more than 12 months in advance.

There is no charge for a street collection permit.

For more information, please read our guidance notes on street collections (pdf 428KB).


There are regulations (pdf 31KB) about where you are permitted to collect, as well as other conditions to be aware of. More information about the licensing of street collections can be found in the Police, Factories, etc (miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916.

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