House to house collections

How to apply for a licence to carry out house to house collections for a charity

If you want to go from house to house to collect money or sell articles within North Devon, for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, then you must hold a house to house collection permit.

Apply for a house to house collection licence 

Or by downloading an application form (pdf 79KB)

Please also read our guidance notes on house to house collections before making your application.

There is no fee for this licence. However, once a licence has been issued, you will need to apply to The Stationery Office for copies of the certificate of authority and badges, which you will need to supply to all your collectors.


After obtaining a licence and having carried out your collection, you must provide North Devon Council, within one month of your licence expiring, an appropriate return.

Supply a return for a house to house collection 

The following return forms are also available for you to download and print off, depending on the type of collection that is being made: