Licence conditions

Licence conditions for tented campsites

Premises name

Public Health Act 1936 

Plan and site boundaries 
The licence and conditions relate to the associated licence plan which must show all relevant structures, features and facilities on the site. Any changes to the site layout, facilities or mode of occupation shall not take place without written approval from North Devon District Council, following the submission of an amended application form.

The boundaries of the site shall be clearly edged in red on the site plan and marked by a man made or natural feature.

Site supervision 
The licensee and/or any person appointed by him shall maintain adequate supervision of the site so as to ensure observance of these conditions and the general good conduct of the site.

The licensee shall ensure that all parts of the site, including any hedges, boundary structures, ditches and shrubberies etc., are kept in a clean and well maintained condition, free from foul water and unwanted materials, so as not to harbour refuse or vermin.

Density and space between tents 
A minimum six metre space shall be maintained between the tents in separate occupation.

Water supply 
Provide adequate, constant, wholesome supply of water in accordance with water quality standards. Water supplies other than those provided by statutorily appointed water undertaker shall be tested and analysed in accordance with private water supplies legislation. Each pitch shall be no further than 90 metres away from a water supply point.

Sanitary provisions 
Satisfactory provision shall be made for the disposal of foul drainage from all communal facilities; all such facilities to be effectively cleaned and maintained. Facilities shall be provided on the following scales:

a) one closet and one urinal for men per 15 pitches; two closets for women per 15 pitches 

b) wash hand basins should be provided on a scale of not less than one for men and one for women per 15 pitches

c) one shower or bath (with running hot and cold water for each sex per 20 pitches)

Emergency vehicles shall have access at all times along a 3.7 metre wide route, if on a way-way system, or three metres wide if on a clearly marked one-way system (minimum) to within 45 metres of any tent.

Non-combustible refuse bins shall be provided at suitably sited and accessible collection points on site. These shall be provided in sufficient numbers to accommodate all waste produced on site.