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Child sexual exploitation and safeguarding awareness training (CSE awareness)

North Devon Council has been fortunate to receive one off funding to provide free child sexual exploitation and safeguarding training to licensed taxi and private hire drivers. The safeguarding awareness course which looks specifically at the protection of children and vulnerable adults is being delivered by Karen Anderson, a former Devon and Cornwall Police officer with the public protection department. Unwittingly taxi and private hire drivers may become aware of a serious safeguarding issues through their work. In an effort to ensure that both licensed drivers and customers are adequately protected, this training aims to ensure that drivers are alert to signs of an issue and know what to do if they have a concern. Through their work taxi and private drivers are very much a part of the community. The delivery of this training will provide drivers with the information they may need to identify and report safeguarding concerns. The course content includes:

  • Awareness of the different forms of exploitation including human trafficking, child sexual exploitation and modern slavery
  • Understanding what safeguarding is and your responsibilities
  • Recognising signs of exploitation and abuse
  • Knowing who to contact if you suspect a safeguarding issue

Is this training a requirement?

With effect from 1st March 2022 all prospective applicants and those seeking renewal of dual Hackney carriage/ private hire drivers licences have been required within 12 months of the licence being granted/renewed to provide documentary evidence of completing child sexual exploitation and safeguarding awareness training. This would ordinarily be paid for by drivers themselves, but the funding the Council has received enables it to be provided free of charge. In light of this opportunity having arisen the Council is now seeking to extend the above to require that all licensed drivers have undertaken the training by January 2023.

Taxi driver safeguarding training is available to book here.

Note a fee of £10.00 will apply.

Taxi meter tests

If you require a meter test, please contact Customer Services on 01271 388870.

Note a fee of £29.00 will apply.