Dangerous wild animals licences

Apply for a licence if you want to keep a dangerous wild animal

If you want to keep any dangerous wild animals, as listed in the dangerous wild animal schedule, you will need to apply for a Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA) licence. Please be sure to read our Animal Licensing Policy for details pertaining to your application.

Download a DWA application form (pdf 66KB)

You will also need to:

Application forms with the correct fees should be addressed to the Licensing team and sent to the council address, or you can hand them in at one of our offices.

When we have received your application and fee, we will arrange to carry out the relevant inspections to make sure your premises meet the required standards. Please note you will have to pay for the veterinary inspection, on top of your application fee.

If you are making a new application, you will need to appear before the council's Licensing Committee.


Standard conditions (pdf 21KB) are attached to a Dangerous Wild Animals licence. Please ensure you follow these conditions, and any others that may be set out when granting the licence, alongside legislation relevant to this area.