We investigate health and safety complaints about workplaces in North Devon and reportable accidents, dangerous incidents and reportable diseases.

These workplaces include:

  • shops and offices
  • warehouses
  • hotels and catering
  • sports and leisure
  • residential care homes
  • churches

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for inspecting mainly industrial businesses such as:

  • factories
  • building sites
  • mines and quarries
  • agriculture
  • railways
  • chemical plant

Find out more about enforcement allocation on the HSE website.


We use a number of intervention approaches to regulate and influence businesses in the management of health and safety risks in the district, including:

  • providing advice and guidance to individual businesses and groups
  • proactive interventions, including inspections
  • reactive interventions, such as investigating accidents, dangerous occurrences, notifiable diseases or complaints

Find out more about our enforcement work on the HSE website.

Health and safety standards

You must ensure that your business meets the necessary health and safety standards. You can find more information on these standards on the HSE website.