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Information on completing a tender, becoming a supplier and our contracts

When the council buys goods, services or carries out works of any kind, we have to ensure that the contracts we award are procured fairly and transparently. The council follows a set of internal rules called the Contract Procedure Rules [within part four of the Constitution] for any procurement that it carries out.  The Contract Procedure Rules form part of the council's Constitution.  These rules set out how the council must carry out procurements, such as seeking quotes from suppliers for low value contracts or inviting tenders for higher value contracts, and include how contract opportunities must be advertised and how contracts are awarded as follows:

Contract values and procurement requirements
Contract value (all values are inclusive of VAT) Procurement requirement
Below £12,000  Competitive quotes are not required, although a written quote will be obtained.
£12,000 to £119,999 Contracts of this value will be procured by the Council obtaining quotations from at least three alternative suppliers and only the lowest quotation received will be acceptable except where this requirement is waived in accordance with the Contract Procedure Rules.
Between £120,000 and the relevant threshold Contracts of this value will be procured through a tendering process and consideration shall be given to the requirements of Part 4 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.  As part of the tendering process the Council will publish an Invitation to Tender which will set out that Council's evaluation criteria and may (where proportionate and relevant to the subject matter of the procurement) include suitability questions to assess whether minimum standards of suitability, capability, legal status and/or financial standing are met.
Above relevant threshold Contracts with a value over the relevant threshold are more tightly regulated by UK law, enacted in England through the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and must be procured pursuant to this law.

There are some exceptions to this, for example if another public authority has appropriately procured a contract on our behalf (please see working with other authorities)

Becoming a supplier

To work with the council you must register on our e-tendering system, Supplying the South West (sometimes known as ProContract). This is where all of the council's tender opportunities are advertised.

Registering is free. Your details will be entered into a central database, which can be accessed by all of the local authorities in the South West that use the system. This not only gives you sight of current tender opportunities but also allows those authorities to find suppliers when they want to undertake lower value quotation processes that do not involve the need to advertise. They may also contact you for market research or to speak with you directly before advertising a tender opportunity.

Council's standard conditions of contract

With a few exceptions, including IT contracts or contracts which have been procured on behalf of the council (see working with other authorities), where the council enters into a contract for goods or services of a value beneath the relevant threshold then the council's standard terms and conditions shall apply to that contract to the exclusion of any supplier terms and conditions.

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