Crematorium price information

Price information relating to the North Devon Crematorium

Fees and charges - 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024

Cremation Fees

30-minute attended service £810
15-minute attended service at 9am (No Organist) £700
Direct Cremation (unattended service) £450

Direct Cremation (unattended service)

(North Devon/Torridge Council resident at time of death)

Service Extension / Memorial Service (30mins inc Organist if available) £230
Funeral Director charge for service over run (where mourners remain in chapel beyond service time) £280
Service cancellation within 72hrs of Service £170
Booked ashes within 24hrs of Service (by arrangement only) £55


Cremation fee includes: Cremation, use of Chapel &  waiting room, services of Chapel Attendant, Organist (if available), music system, single chapel screen photo, Environmental Fees, Medical Referee’s Fee, & Disposal of Cremated Remains in Gardens, or Cardboard Casket (additional £7 for scatter tube).

Direct Cremation fee includes: as cremation fee but no mourners in chapel, no media/organist.

Service time: commences at the booked start time and includes time for mourners to enter and leave the chapel.

Note: All children’s (under 18) cremation fees are free to the applicant and will be paid by the Children’s Funeral Fund for England. For children’s services, live webcasts, 28-day watch again and slideshows are not charged.


Webcast /Tribute Services

Live Webcast, 28-Day Watch Again, Download Copy of Service £49
Basic Slideshow £45
Music Tribute (formerly Professional Photo Tribute) £70
Family Supplied Video (Checking) £25
Keepsake Copy of Service/Visual Tribute (DVD or USB) £55
Additional Keepsake Copies £28
Downloadable Copy of Visual Tribute £10
Each Extra 25 photos £21
Extra Tribute Work £21

Additional Biodegradable Containers

Cardboard Casket £17
Scatter Tube £24
Keepsake Tube £11


Cremated Remains Fees

Placement Fee when returned 12 months or more following cremation £53
Placement Fee when cremation took place elsewhere £105
Temporary Deposit per month after the first month £15


For our full memorial service and fees see the Crematorium fees and charges webpage.