Information on grave memorials

If you wish to place a memorial on a grave, you must purchase the exclusive rights of burial. If you do not, the grave remains in the ownership of the council and you will not be able to place a memorial on the grave.

It is important that you use a qualified memorial mason and that they are registered with the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM). All memorials with the cemetery must comply with British Standard BS8415.

Under no circumstances can any memorial be installed in the cemetery without the authorised consent of the registered owner, authorised consent from North Devon Council or by anyone other than a qualified memorial mason.

In order to comply with its obligation for the safety of anyone visiting the cemeteries, a program of memorial stability testing is undertaken by trained inspectors to ensure that all those who visit or work in the cemetery are not at risk from unstable memorials. If you would like more information on the testing please contact the Cemetery Officer on 01271 345431.